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Parking in the City

The City’s Transportation and Parking Program (TAPP) was created in 2020 with the goal of getting the right parker in the right place. We’ve implemented permit programs, upgraded our enforcement and parking infraction systems, and will continue to expand our parking program with elements that serve our residents, businesses, and visitors.

Check out the sections below for more detailed information.

Want the short and sweet version with a map? Check out our FAQ TriFold Flyer here.

Information about paid and free parking lots in the City of Leavenworth and a handy map for reference.

Do you work downtown? Are you a business owner in the commercial district? Are you in a Residential Zone? Here’s all the info you need to know about our Permit Parking Program

Pay your parking infraction here.

Did you know you can pay for parking with an app? And you can see what parking stalls are available? We’ve got the info you need right here

Are you a Resident or Visitor? Here’s what you need to know about parking in the City

Have a question about parking, an infraction, or anything else we can hep with? Send us a message!

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