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City Councilmember Committees are comprised of City Councilmembers and designated City Staff members.  Below is a list of the current committees. 

If you are interested in learning more about the committees, meeting times, or joining an Ad Hoc Committee, please contact us via our General Inquiry Form.

Before an idea or concept is reviewed by the full city council, these ideas/concepts are discussed at a committee meetings. Members of the public who may have an idea or concept that they want the City to consider should begin by introducing the idea to the appropriate committee. 

Below is a list of the committees and a brief description of them. For more information on specific committee dates and times, please reference our City Calendar.

City Council Committees

Economic Development

Discusses topics pertaining to the economic vitality pertaining to our city/region. 

Meets as needed with time to be determined.


Discusses ideas, challenges, developments regarding various aspects of housing.

Meets the fourth Tuesday of the month.

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