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Why update the Transportation Element?

The simple answer is traffic. The City of Leavenworth is updating the Transportation Element to address other recently completed studies, which primarily or secondarily were developed to address traffic, specifically the Parking Plan and the US 2 Upper Wenatchee Valley Transportation Corridor Study. Additionally, the City Council is sponsoring a review of Peak Hour per the request of the Friends of Leavenworth. This update will also provide an opportunity for the City to review and update the 20-year project list.

What is Transportation Element?

The Transportation Element provides goals and projects to guide development decisions. The transportation system includes pedestrians, cyclists, transit, vehicles, trucks and rail. Planning for transportation is governed primarily by the Washington State’s Growth Management Act (GMA). It calls for a balanced approach to land use and transportation planning to ensure that a city’s transportation system can support expected growth and development. In addition, it mandates that capital facilities funds be adequate to pay for any necessary improvements to the transportation system. Finally, a city must adopt specific standards for the acceptable levels of congestion on its streets; these standards are called level of service (LOS) standards. This update, will address all of these required components.

Draft Transportation Element

Select the links below to view the final Draft Transportation Element and Appendices. 

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