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The Finance Department is responsible for the administration, supervision, and coordination of the financial accounting, debt issuance, purchasing, treasury, risk management,  and computer/information technology. The Department’s operations are guided by Federal, State, and local laws. The Department also works with the State Auditors Office on compliance and control issues.

The Finance Director works closely with the Mayor and City Administrator and is responsible for overseeing the city’s budget, annual reporting, payroll, accounts payable/receivable, utility billing, bond administration, insurance, grant administration, banking and investments, and information technology.

The Deputy Clerk, Assistant Deputy-PRSA Clerk, and Utility Billing Clerk assist the Finance Director with the day to day operations relating to payroll, accounts receivable/payable, utility billing, and other miscellaneous support functions.

Budget Transparency: Leavenworth Digital Budget Book

If you are looking for a specific financial document, such as our Annual Financial Reports, please visit our:

Document Portal

Department Staff

Chantell Steiner
Finance Director
(509) 548-5275 Ext. 123
Shirley McLaughlin
Deputy Clerk
(509) 548-5275 Ext 120
Krystal Whitehall
Accounts Payable / PRSA Clerk
(509) 548-5275 Ext 129
Beverly Ward
Utility Billing Clerk
(509) 548-5275 Ext 135

 Budget Development / Audit Reporting

The City adopted the process of using a biennial budget beginning with the 2013-2014 budget year.  The budget is adopted by the City Council typically in late November to early December of each even numbered year.  The budget process includes a review of the second year’s budget with the inclusion of a public hearing in each of the odd numbered years.  The City follows certain rules and regulations that are set by the Washington State Auditor’s Office using the Budgeting, Accounting, and Reporting System (BARS) manuals and financial reporting packages.

You may view the current available budget documents by downloading the documents located in the Document Portal on the top right side of this page.  If you have any questions or concerns about the budget or the budget process please contact the Finance Director.

The City is audited on an annual basis. The audit process generally gets underway near June of each year and can sometimes be carried into the beginning of the following year.  The City’s official audit reports from the Washington State Auditor’s office are located in the Document Portal on the top right

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