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Festhalle Oversight Committee

The Festhalle Oversight Committee was established in 2013 to provide direction and recommendations on marketing and promotion of the Festhalle & Civic Center facility.

The Committee is the working group that reviews any physical improvements to the Festhalle and makes recommendations on funding, expenses, and the design of those improvements. The Committee also reviews the ongoing operations of the Festhalle through the review of the Festhalle Facilities Policy and annual operating budget. The Committee provides a recommended annual budget and any recommended changes to the use policy for the Mayor and City Council review and approve.

Members are appointed by the Mayor and serve a three-year term. 

If you have an interest in being part of this committee, please reach out to the City Administrator.

Festhalle Oversight Committee


Council Chambers at City Hall


The Board meets quarterly each year

Committee Membership

Sharon Waters
City Council Position 5 January 2022-December 2025 (4-year term)
Tibor Lak
City Council Position 4 January 2022-December 2025* (4-year term) *Tibor was appointed in September 2022 to fill Position #4. The appointment ends December 2023. The November 2023 election will determine who is elected to finish out this term.
Karl Ruether
Community Representative
Margaret Neighbors
Community Representative
Shari Day-Campbell
Community Representative
Matthew “Selby”
City Administrator
(509) 548-5275 Ext 133
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