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2025 General Fund Grant Program applications are now being accepted.

NOTE: Failure to submit a complete online application with all required attachments prior to the submittal deadline may result in disqualification.

Application Attachments:

Required Documents to be Uploaded with Online Application

Certification Form
List of Board of Directors
List of Partnering Organizations
Insurance Requirement
Work Plan
Sources and Uses Worksheet

Program Contact:

Sue Cragun, Executive Assistant [email protected]
(509) 668-9077

Online applications are due Monday, June 10, 2024 prior to 4:00 PM.

FAQs about the General Fund Grant Program

The General Fund Grant Program is open to non-profit organizations only.

Applicants may be located within or outside the city limits of Leavenworth. However, General Fund Grant funding shall be used to host projects and/or activities within the city limits of Leavenworth.

  • Maximum grant request is $5,000 per applicant; not to exceed 50% of program cost.
  • An application does not guarantee funding.
  • Funding may be awarded at an amount different than requested.
  • If you qualify for a Lodging Tax grant, do not apply for a General Fund grant for the same project or activity.

Grant application and required attachments must be submitted via the online application available at

  • Youth and Senior Services – to support non-profits that benefit youth and/or seniors. Activities and/or projects must benefit youth, seniors, and/or the Leavenworth community. Example: Addition of children’s programs in local school(s).
  • Events and Activities – for costs associated with the implementation of the program or service. Example: Food assistance program(s) that benefit the Leavenworth community.
  • Organizational Development and Capacity Building – for costs related to activities including community focused education and program planning.
  • Capital Improvements – for costs activities and/or projects that benefit the Leavenworth community.

The Leavenworth Fund prioritizes requests that do not exceed 50% of total costs. It is the intent of the Leavenworth Fund to partner with applicants, not be the sole source of funding.

  • Capital projects not associated with a community benefit
  • Payroll expenses not associated with a community benefit
  • Insurance expenses
  • Grant request due to loss of other funding
  • Grant request not clearly identified in budget
  • Activities outside of the Leavenworth Fund Boundary
  • Vehicle purchases
  • Strategic planning and/or feasibility studies
  • Grant requests with less than 50% matching funds

This is a competitive grant funding program. Program funding and grant awards are determined by recommendations of the City Council’s Economic Development Committee. The Committee will review all eligible applications, develop a list of award recommendations and at what funding level(s). This list will be forwarded to the City Council for final review and award.

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