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Water Division

Our Water Division is responsible for operating and maintaining the City’s potable (drinking) water production, distribution, and storage. We are fortunate to live in a water-rich area, and delivering safe water to our residents and businesses is a top priority. 

Production, Delivery, and Storage

The City of Leavenworth’s water system consists of two pressure zones, one booster station, three wells adjacent to the Wenatchee River, one surface water treatment plant drawing from Icicle Creek, two reservoirs, and a 23 mile network of distribution mains.  The system serves approximately 1400 residential and commercial connections providing roughly 320 million gallons annually.  Staff work 7 days a week, every day of the year to ensure the City’s water is safe and dependable.  For an in-depth analysis of the city’s supply and distribution system as well as detailed descriptions of planning data, design standards, improvements, and finances please refer to the 2018 Water System Plan. 

Smart Water Meters

As part of an ongoing effort to improve services to our community, the City of Leavenworth has installed smart water meters, and each account holder can now access their own smart meter portal, enabling you to review and analyze water usage, identify patterns, and even compare usage data against the weather data. For more info, head over to our smart water meter page

Cross Connection Control Program

The purpose of the Cross Connection Control Program is simply to protect the integrity of the city’s potable water system.
Cross connections are physical connections (either actual or potential) between potable water and anything that may contaminate or pollute that potable water. Because our entire water system is pressurized, backflows (potable or non-potable liquid flowing in the reverse direction) can happen with changes in pressure at points of cross connections.
Cross connections are common in systems such as fire suppression systems, irrigation lines, bag-in-box soda systems, boilers, booster pumps, pools, spas, auxiliary wells, and more. Our job is to identify these connections and determine if they can be eliminated, or if not, to make sure they are protected with a backflow prevention assembly.
If you have questions about our Cross Connection Control Program, possible cross connections, approved assemblies, installation specs, certified testers, or general questions about what is required, please contact our Water Department at (509) 548-4235 or email us at [email protected].
Information for Backflow Assembly Testing:
*we send reminder notices, however, that is just a courtesy. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure his or her assembly is tested on schedule.

Annual Consumer Confidence Water Report

Each year the City of Leavenworth publishes a report that includes information and updates on our water quality, water treatment plant, efficiency of water use, and other potable-water related programs that are important for our community. Here is the most recent annual report: 

If you are looking for reports from prior years, or other documents about our water system, please take a look in our document portal here
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