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Each month we will tackle a common “myth” about the City of Leavenworth. Stay tuned to learn more fun facts about the City!

As the weather gets warmer and the days grow longer, it can only mean one thing. Tax season is around the corner.
The Chelan County Treasurer’s Office will be mailing out property tax statements soon which gives us an opportunity to bust a common “myth” about property taxes for the City of Leavenworth.
MYTH >> The City’s property taxes are high.
FACT >> Compared to neighboring cities, Leavenworth has the 2nd LOWEST tax levy rate in Chelan County.
– Cashmere (9.2%)
– Wenatchee (8.8%)
– Entiat (8.3%)
– Leavenworth (8%)
– Chelan (7.2%)
[NOTE: Tax levy rate percentages are approximate, subject to change, and originate from the Chelan County Assessor’s GIS interactive map.]
When a property owner pays their tax bill, only 11.4% will come to the City this year. The remaining property tax revenue goes to:
– Schools (55.4%)
– County (9.1%)
– Hospital (8.3%)
– Fire (8.2%)
– Library (3.6%)
– Others (4%); [NOTE: “Others” includes the Upper Valley PRSA levy which supports the City’s community pool operations and is less than 1% of the property tax bill.]
The City only collects taxes from properties within City limits (approximately 1.5 square miles). Of the property tax revenues generated by property owners, 61.5% is residential and 38.5% is commercial.
This year the City expects to receive $729,769 from property taxes, which is less than:
< $730,101: The City’s insurance bill for 2024 from the Washington City Insurance Authority (WCIA).
< $817,827: The City’s annual contract for public safety services (law enforcement, emergency management, RiverCom 911, etc.).
< $896,248: The City’s departmental budget for our parks.
Overall, property tax revenues fund just 13% of the City’s annual operating budget.
You can look up your local property taxes by visiting Chelan County Government online at To learn more about Washington State property taxes, visit the Department of Revenue at
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