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Our Mission

We deliver quality essential services, while balancing the diverse needs of residents, businesses, visitors, and neighbors, by using inclusive decision making and seeking collaborative solutions. 

Our Vision

We strive to nurture our vibrant community and uncommon economic opportunities in a way that honors our human and natural resources responsibly, equitably, and sustainably. 

Our Values

We are committed to being of service to the greater Leavenworth community through delivery of quality essential services, honest and authentic communication practices, and showing every individual care and respect.​

We are committed to the shared responsibility of holding each other accountable and following through on commitments that best serve the mission and vision of the City of Leavenworth through an inclusive, proactive public process.​

We are committed to inclusive decision making that aligns with our values and balances tourism with quality of life for residents.​

We are committed to the thoughtful stewardship and sustainability of our resources, recreational opportunities, and future vitality of our City.​

We are committed to learning from the past, flexibility of thought, openness to diverse perspectives and seeing challenges as opportunities for improvement.​

We are committed to seeking and creating space for all who call our community home.​

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