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Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is responsible for long range planning and legislative policy recommendations to the City Council. The Planning Commissioners help achieve the community’s vision by developing the goals and policies of the City’s Comprehensive Plan and through updates to the Leavenworth Municipal Code and Shoreline Master Program.

Planning Commission members are volunteers, appointed by the Mayor, who reside within the city limits or own property within the City or its Urban Growth Area.

Every year, the Planning Commission works to complete projects on the City’s “Docket.” This list of amendments (the Docket) is developed throughout the year from citizen, Council, Planning Commission, and staff comments or requests. 

For more information regarding the Planning Commission’s role, membership, actions, and processes, please review the Planning Commission Process Document, linked below.

If you are looking for a specific document, application, or form, try searching here:

Document Portal

Planning Commission Meetings

Council Chambers on the First Floor of City Hall

First Wednesday of the month

7:00 PM


Planning Commission Members

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