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City of Leavenworth’s Annual Spring Clean-up for single-family residential households will take place this year from Tuesday April 7th through Thursday April 30th.  The City crew will pick up yard debris the same day household garbage is collected, at no extra charge.
Leaves, pine needles, and other yard debris must be in the required recyclable PAPER bags, PLASTIC BAGS will not be picked up. The required recyclable paper bags are currently available at Home Depot and Lowes Hardware in Wenatchee.  We are working with several retailers in Leavenworth to carry these bags.  We have moved to using the recyclable paper bags in an effort to keep the plastic bags out of the landfill; the recyclable paper bags are compostable along with the contents.
Limbs must be cut into 4 foot or shorter lengths and tied with biodegradable twine into bundles.  If there are large limbs, you are encouraged to cut them up and give them to someone for firewood.  No furniture, appliances, dirt, rocks, sod, or building debris will be picked up.  The yard debris should be out next to your garbage tote and will be picked up the same day.  Please limit the extra garbage to 4 bags per week.
Click here for a printable flyer.

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