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On September 13, 2011, the Leavenworth City Council adopted the updates to the Leavenworth Municipal Code (LMC) Chapter 14.10: Signs.  The new “sign code” was completed after many months of community input, work and review by the Leavenworth Planning Commission and City Council. The message taken from the residents and business owners was for the sign code to provide a fair and equitable “playing field” for all signage users while continuing to support the advertisement needs of business owners and protecting the economic benefits derived by  the City’s Old World Bavarian-Alpine theme. A few other key items updated in the new sign code include, but are not limited to:  resolving many of the inconsistencies in the code, updating the City’s sign regulations to be consistent with changes in the law, addressing political and free speech signs, limiting the proliferation of temporary signs, and removal of “content” based regulations. The Planning Commission and City Council recognize the unique character and function of community service events, and the need for signs which support these events and aid in their success.
Follow this link if you wish to view a copy of the new Adopted Sign Code Chapter 14.10 of the Leavenworth Municipal Code.  (effective October 8, 2011)

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