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Request for Proposals
City of Leavenworth Website Design & Development

Notice is hereby given that the City of Leavenworth is seeking proposals from firms to update and maintain its website ( to enhance the user experience, simplify content management, and provide better information and customer service to the community.

The detailed Request for Proposal (revised with extended submittal due date of April 24, 2020) may be obtained by downloaded here or by contacting City Hall at (509) 548-5275. The City will begin a review and selection process on April 6, 2020 and continue until the selection is made. Proposals will be accepted until the position is filled.

Proposal submission deadline is Friday, April 3, 2020  April 24, 2020 by 5:00 PM
Questions regarding these services should be directed to:
Lilith Vespier, AICP
Development Services Manager
City of Leavenworth
(509) 548-5275
[email protected]
Q & A from March 19, 2020

1 – Please explain # of current pages and if you want us the vendor to write new content? I do not have count of the existing number of pages. You should check the site map or directory to get a feel for the number and type of pages we currently have on the website. We are looking for the web designer not someone to provide written content.

2 – M&S and hosting are to be included in the year 1 fixed cost?

3 – Are you using an email marketing system like Mailchimp or Constant Contact?
We are using a WordPress plugin. It is not functioning well and we have been using mass emails based on the contact information provided to the WordPress plugin.

4 – Citizen Sourcing – please detail what you mean by “voting”?
Voting is a way for residents to provide feedback to the City. We may pose a question to be answered for or against or neutral.

5 – Facility Management – make reservations and/or listing for whom?
See the Festhalle website “Request for Reservations”, the Park Use Request Form, and/or Special Event Permit Agreement Form on the existing site.

6 – The city of Leavenworth asking for Intranet/Extranet – do you have an employee/staff portal now? If not – do you want one created and with what functionalities?
We have an existing staff member who does some content management.

7 – Are you supplying all content ready materials or do you want the vendor to edit and create content?
We are looking for design content not written content.

Q & A from March 16, 2020
1 – For the item “Citizen Sourcing Tool”, the RFP states “Encourages citizen idea submission, engaging discussions, voting, etc.”. We are envisioning these as separate components – can you confirm that this is what is desired? For instance, we could provide something like “citizen idea submission” which would be some sort of form, “engaging discussions” could be a comments section, and “voting” would be a poll on a specific topic, but they would not be tied together into a single component. If there is a single commercial tool you have in mind that provides the functionality together, please let us know. We do not have an example but rather would like the functions regardless of how it is managed.
2 – In the RFP it is stated “flexibility of providing this functionality over time, if needed, due to budgetary constraints”, as well as a point value for “Timeline and proposed schedule”. Can you elaborate on what scoring criteria will be used for the timeline/schedule, particularly with the stated goal of flexible delivery? The criteria for evaluation is within the RFP. The evaluation criteria focus on ability to complete more than outlining the timeline for the project.
Q & A from March 5, 2020:
1 – What platform is the current site built with?  This may assist with determining how content will be migrated. Word Press
2 – If the selected vendor is not local, how many onsite visits do you require for the project? For the purposes of estimating, there may be several meetings with the City Council (3-4) and one with the staff for training.
3 – Can you expand on what you are looking for under the System Ownership? Applicant to provide the form of system ownership or lease.
4 – Do you have a platform for E-communications already in place that we would tie into? The current listserv not considered effective method or use of staff time.
5 – Will online payments be through Credit Card? If so does each department have its own payment gateway? Online credit card payments are desirable, however, the City does not currently have payments by department.
6 – What is the preferred method for receiving information from online forms? Email, secure email, save submissions and download from admin, etc. To be determined
7 – Can you explain the “Forward to a friend” email extension? Forward to a friend would be the ability to forward a City webpage/article to someone else via email.
8 – Can you provide more details on third party integrations.  Third party website items will include the new Permit Trax and GIS mapping.
9 – How quickly does the city wish to launch the new website after an agreement is signed. There is no specific timeline for relaunch.
10 – Estimated contract value for the project is, and if that is an unknown, what is the allocated budget? Is there an approved budget for this project? If so  are you disclosing the budget amount? There is no specific budget for this project. During City Council meetings it was estimated to be $70,000 or more.
11 – If we would like to offer different pricing options can that be included in one response, or do you require a response for each pricing option? One response could include various pricing options.
12 – Do you have analytics information on site traffic, storage and bandwidth that can be used for hosting recommendations? The City’s existing web program does include some analytic information.
13 – Is the city interested in receiving pricing for ongoing accessibility (WCAG 2.1AA ) reporting post launch of the site? The City will require on going accessibility to the website and its analytical data.

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