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October 19, 2020

After 12 months of preparation, City of Leavenworth Building Inspector Mark Barnes is now a fully accredited Certified Building Official (CBO). We wish to congratulate him on this tremendous accomplishment!

Mark began working for the City in 2018 as the Building and Code Inspector. The City quickly identified his talent, knowledge, and leadership ability and put him on the path to attain this very important credential, which he enthusiastically took to task. The Community can be further assured that our homes and buildings are safe.

“A Building Official’s duty is much more than knowing and enforcing building codes and regulations. I feel my primary role is one of educator, to inform the public of the importance of building regulations in order to reduce and eliminate possible dangers to homeowners and the general public”, said Mark Barnes.

Development Services Manager Lilith Vespier stated that, “Mark has been a thoughtful, hardworking, dedicated building inspector and we are excited that he will be able to bring his excellent work skills to the Building Official position.”

The City of Leavenworth is building its internal capacity to better assist its residents, businesses and visitors.  Administrator Cortez added “we are hiring two new code enforcement positions to assist Mark and Development Services; next year we will add two new positions under the Clerk’s Office and under the Mayor’s Office.”

or more Information/ para más información: Leavenworth City Administrator Ana Cortez (509) 630-4157.

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