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December 9, 2020

Under the leadership of Mayor Florea, the City of Leavenworth continues to increase its capacity through acquisition of relevant certifications among key staff.  Early this month, Maggie Boles, City Planner, successfully obtained American Institute of Certified Planners certification or AICP. The AICP certification is a major milestone for a professional planner.

Director Lilith Vespier indicated “The AICP certification is the sign of a quality professional planner. Not only do they have, and maintain through on-going training, a level of planning knowledge, but they are also dedicated to the AICP Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.”

City Administrator Cortez further stated that “Ms. Boles shows great commitment to the profession and the community she is serving.  We are proud of her accomplishments.” The City of Leavenworth has invested significantly in members of the Development Services Department.  This Department serves a crucial role in building inspections, planning, code enforcement and land use.  Increasing expertise among this Department ensures application of municipal code to development, building, and land uses activities.

Development Services Manager Lilith Vespier, stated “we have been greatly benefited by the pursuit of excellence Maggie applies to every project. I am not surprised by her successful testing. She is very knowledgeable and thorough. The City is fortunate to have such a qualified planner working for the community.”

For more information: Ana Cortez (509) 630-4157.

For more Information/ para más información: Leavenworth City Administrator Ana Cortez (509) 630-4157.

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