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June 28, 2021
Christie Voos, Communications Analyst
City of Leavenworth
[email protected]


LEAVENWORTH, WA – The City of Leavenworth today announced a restructuring of the Mayoral and City Administrator roles at City Hall. Mayor Florea made the change to balance managing the day-to-day operations at City Hall and managing the strategic initiatives currently in progress at the City.

Mayor Florea will begin managing the City’s staff, and Ana Cortez, the City Administrator, will be focused on managing strategic projects and initiatives. This calculated move enables the Mayor to utilize the strengths of his staff and add a strength of his own that gives the City an advantage.

“In order for me to move the City’s strategic projects forward, I needed to get something off of my plate. Unless I can put the energy and focus that’s needed into these projects, it’s very difficult to turn discussions into reality,” says City Administrator, Ana Cortez, “and we have a Mayor who has the desire and the skillset to step in and manage the staff so that I can manage the projects.”

When asked for comment, Mayor Florea said “I am already very involved, and where I can step in and help is with managing the staff, which is something that I feel comfortable doing, and have done successfully in the past.”  He continued, “there is no guarantee that this idea will work, but it is the best path forward for the City.”

The Mayoral and City Administrator job descriptions will reflect the changes to assigned duties; there will be no title changes.

The City of Leavenworth is a highly sought-after tourist and outdoor enthusiast destination. It is uniquely both a small town and also a medium sized city due to the influx of visitors during summers and festivals. The City will be finishing a state of the art infrastructure upgrade to the wastewater treatment plant this fall, and is currently engaging with the local community on strategic projects such as a potential community center and park, workforce housing, the downtown master plan, and the waterfront master plan, to enhance the resident and visitor experience.

For more Information / para más información: contact Leavenworth Communications Analyst, Christie Voos at [email protected] or 509.670.0121.

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