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This past week we celebrated National Public Works Week.

Public Works Week allows us to showcase and honor the vital work our Public Works team does. We understand there are days when the tasks seem endless. However, each task they undertake contributes to enhancing the quality of life here in Leavenworth. Without their commitment, our city would lack the essential services that make it function.

Public Works ensure our streets are accessible, our utilities reliable, and our environment well-maintained. Their work may not always grab headlines, but it is the foundation upon which our city stands. From repairing roads to managing water systems, from maintaining parks to handling waste disposal—every action they take contributes to making Leavenworth a better place for all.

These efforts do not go unnoticed. Thank you, Public Works, for your dedication and commitment.

Wastewater Division

It’s National Public Works Week and today we are featuring our amazing Wastewater Division. A team of three, these guys don’t shy away from dirty work. Utilizing a wide range of applied science skills, exceptional mechanical expertise, and methodical mathematical practices – they take our wastewater and transform it into clean drinking water.

Did you know our wastewater treatment plant involves fascinating organisms to treat wastewater? Nicknamed “bugs”, our team balances specific chemicals, apply flow processes, and induces conditioned environments to transport these bugs on a water treatment adventure.

A big “T H A N K Y O U” to the wastewater treatment crew for all you do!

Facilities Division

What better way to celebrate a Tuesday than by highlighting our incredible crew of two during National Public Works Week! Our Facilities Maintenance Division is responsible for maintaining our city-owned facilities. From changing light bulbs to installing explosion-proof heaters to keeping the pool pumps pumping to securing CyberLock building access – these guys can do it all.

Did you know that they recently installed over 6,300 feet of heat tape in 2023? That’s more than A MILE of heat tape! Not to mention they completed over 133 work orders for a multitude of projects ranging from repairing/replacing resident mailboxes, refinishing the gazebo floor, and refurbishing the frog slide. This dynamic duo is unstoppable. We are so THANKFUL for the incredible work they do!

Parks Division

Rain or shine, it’s MOWING TIME! As we continue to celebrate National Public Works Week, we want to highlight our phenomenal Parks Division. From taking out the trash to keeping the flowers looking fresh to running an intense mower schedule – this group brings a dynamic and diverse skill set to our fair city.

Did you know that in May they hang over 170 hanging baskets and pot over 200 individual plants to beautify our downtown areas? This dedicated parks team LOVES what they do and we LOVE them for not only doing the work but doing it well! Kudos to you guys and keep on keeping on.

Water Division

Water. One of the most precious and beautiful resources in our valley. And today, during National Public Works Week, we get to recognize an exceptional trio that make up our Water Division. This team of three works diligently everyday to provide us with clean water.

Every time you turn on a tap, flush a toilet, take a shower, or sip from a drinking fountain in city limits – this water has been produced and carefully filtered by our meticulous Water Division team for public use.

Their passion, precision, and pride in providing quality water for this community are beyond compare. We are THANKFUL and GRATEFUL for you guys. Cheers!

Utilities Division

These boots are made for WORKING and that’s just what they do! Friday is here and so is the feature reel for our steadfast Utilities Division in honor of National Public Works Week. This dependable crew maintains our small city’s intricate network of streets, water mains, sewer systems, stormwater systems, and conducts commercial refuse / recycling operations.
The Utilities Division plays a vital role in the safety, sustainability, and overall level of service of our city infrastructure. Not to mention there isn’t a water leak these guys can’t fix! This division is an asset to the City. THANK YOU for your continued dedication to this community. Stay awesome.

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