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Leavenworth Recycles is now open. The City recycling program focuses on reducing the waste stream from the current garbage pickup service. In 2013, the City spent an estimated $192,963 on waste disposal fees for 2,417 tons of trash the City collected. By providing an alternative recycling program for City residents; the City is looking to reduce the overall tonnage and waste to control future costs of monthly waste disposal fees.  The City Recycling Center will be accepting flattened corrugated cardboard, aluminum, tin cans, and newspaper. Residents residing within the city limits may also dispose of clean yard waste at the recycling center. Proof of residence will be required: a current City Utility bill which includes garbage service and either a State ID or Driver’s License. No commercial or non-resident use of the yard waste recycling will be allowed. Depending on use, the City will explore areas for expanding the recycling program to areas that are cost effective.
The City recycling center is located at 216 14th Street between the Park Shop Building and Public Works Building, across the street from the Community Cupboard. The hours of operation for late winter are Wednesday from 4:30 PM—6:30 PM and Saturdays from 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM. Hours will change for the spring, summer, and fall seasons. An attendant will be on duty to monitor use and ID verification.
The City has installed video monitoring equipment at the location to prosecute any illegal dumping under LMC Title 8 (8.48.030).
What no glass or plastic? Unfortunately because of current recycling technology and limited local recycling vendors; a “Free” City program for recycling of glass and plastic is not cost effective at this time. The City has worked with Waste Management to make a Single-Stream Recycling Program available to homeowners and businesses. Those interested should contact Waste Management at (509) 662-4591.

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