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September 2, 2022

Community Members,

This is the week that we truly begin the transition from summer to fall activities. While the weather may not be changing much, the start of classes in our Cascade School District marks the switch. I no longer have children in school, but I know of no other single marker that indicates the change of seasons like the start of school. (OK, perhaps the changing of the leaves to the fall colors comes close…but nothing has the impact on community life to the degree that the start of the school year has). Full family vacations have come to an end; familiar routines, somehow forgotten over the summer, are restarted; and the excitement of new beginnings is in full swing!

Hopefully, this year’s routines will seem much closer to what we knew in 2019 than what we experienced in 2020 or 2021. My kids may be older, and starting the school routine with their own children, but I am very aware that it takes a village to raise children, and I’m still invested in what occurs in our schools. The stresses of COVID on families (both students and parents), and on our schools (teachers, aides, bus drivers, and staff), have been so devastating to so many. Even under the best of circumstances, and with the fabulous job done by our local school district, and its staff and administration, there is rebuilding and healing that must happen. This will take work on all our parts – it will not magically happen.

Teaching has always had more than its fair share of stresses. It is a profession that draws people who want to impact lives positively and to give back some of what they have been given by others who inspired them. Teaching is truly a vocation more than a job. And it’s not getting easier. Somewhat unfairly, we have always expected superhuman, magical results. In addition to the stresses of the last two years, there’s been an exodus of professionals in the education field. I’m in awe of those who have chosen this path, who have done it so well, and who continue to teach our children how to think critically despite an uphill battle. I hope you will join me in thanking our school staff at all levels for the superhuman efforts they give every day.

A new school year has begun. Another year of building towards our future. Another opportunity to encourage our children to open their minds to learning. So, let us support those whose job it is to nurture our young people who should be given the opportunity to shine brightly – each with a light that is its own unique and gifted color! Let’s be that village it takes to raise our kids!

Carl Florea

City of Leavenworth
700 Highway 2
Leavenworth, WA 98826
(509) 548-5275
[email protected]

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