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Chelan County Solid Waste Update: April 20, 2020

While COVID-19 safeguards have been in place, the large volume of transfer station customers on Fridays and Saturdays has made it difficult for staff to sanitize regularly throughout the day. For this reason, some solid waste facilities and services are returning to normal hours in an attempt to spread out the number of vehicles throughout the week. Details are below.

We remind people visiting the transfer stations to only bring in household garbage and brush at this time. That means no furniture, appliances, construction materials or other spring-cleaning projects. This will minimize potential for exposure to COVID-19 to the public as well as our limited staff.  This effort is also for the continuance of processing curbside garbage collection that comes into the facilities.

On top of providing an essential service, the staffs at the transfer stations are sanitizing facilities and equipment, switching out protective gear and following other COVID-19 precautions. So please help them out by sticking to only general household waste at this time.

Transfer Stations:

The Dryden Transfer Station is now open regular hours Tuesday through Saturday for all credit card payers as well as commercial account holders. (Please note the new credit card system does not take debit cards – only credit.) Regular hours are posted at:

The Dryden Transfer Station will be open only Friday and Saturday to those members of the general public who must use cash or check to pay.

The Chelan Transfer Station has returned to its normal hours, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, for ALL customers. The Chelan facility takes only cash or checks.

Brush Yards:

The Dryden Transfer Station brush yard is open regular hours to ONLY customers who pay by credit card or have a commercial account. Cost is $15 for loads under 200 pounds.

The Chelan Transfer Station brush yard has returned to regular hours for ALL customers. Cost is $15 per cubic yard or $10 minimum fee.

The Leavenworth drop-off brush yard on East Leavenworth Road is now open Fridays to ONLY those people living in the Apple Maggot Quarantine Area. It is open 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. We ask that only residents living outside the city limits use the site. For city services, contact Leavenworth City Hall to learn about its Spring Clean Up Days, which run through this month. More info about the city’s spring cleanup is at:

The Stemilt Organic Recycling Center, 1465 S. Wenatchee Ave., is open six days a week to people who don’t live in the quarantine area. Details, including hours and cost, are on the facility’s Facebook page:
In addition, consider registering by May 1 for the spring wood chipping program offered by Cascadia Conservation District. It is open to all county residences on 2.5 acres or less. Register at:
If you have any questions, it’s easiest to reach me via email at this time.
Again, thank you for your patience during this time.
Jill FitzSimmons
PIO/Special Projects Coordinator
Chelan County Public Works
(509) 667-6415
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