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Fire season is here.

Research on a home’s destruction in a wildfire event points to embers and small flames as the primary reason that the majority of homes ignite. Embers are burning pieces of airborne wood and/or vegetation that can be carried more than a mile by the wind.

There are several ways for homeowners in wildfire-prone areas to prepare their homes to withstand embers and become FireWise this year.

> Request a FREE assessment to determine fire risk factors, such as ember intrusion.

> To increase your home’s chance of surviving a wildfire, choose fire-resistant building materials and limit the amount of flammable vegetation in the home’s “ignition zones”.

> Give your home a defensible space that creates a sufficient buffer to slow or halt the spread of wildfire to your home. Defensible space is essential to a home’s survivability during wildfire conditions.

> To reduce ember ignition and fire spread, keep your landscape in good condition. Remove plants containing resins, oils, and waxes. Use crushed stone or gravel instead of flammable mulches in the Immediate Zone (0 to 5 feet around the house).

> Complete a written or digital inventory of your home’s contents. In addition, talk with your insurance provider to ensure your insurance is up-to-date and includes adequate coverage.

Be informed. Be prepared. Stay safe.

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