Last Updated: August 24, 2023


Library & Community Center




If the community likes this concept, the next step would be an RFQ process to select a design firm to advance the project in the fall of 2023.


We listened to the community during the Osborn visioning process. Hearing that the community wanted to preserve as much green space as possible and wanted a small to medium sized community center, a new concept is being introduced to the community at the August 24 Block Party at the Osborn site.

Please share your thoughts with this brief survey:


Matthew “Selby”
City Administrator
[email protected]


The City acquired the former Osborn Elementary School from the Cascade School District in March of 2021 and engaged Stowe Development & Strategies to help facilitate a community vision for the Osborn property. SDS developed an Osborn Property Vision and delivered the report to the City in October of 2021.

The report by SDS showcased three different concepts, all of which included the development of a multi-purpose community center. The estimated cost was $15,000,000 for the preferred concept.

In the fall of 2022, the City conducted a space needs assessment to provide City Hall and the Library the space they need for the next 30 years. The estimated cost of the proposed addition was $15,000,000.

If the library moved, City Hall could expand to the space where the library currently resides. The idea of relocating the library into a renovated Osborn School and adding community center space could provide for community and staff needs, while saving millions of dollars in the process.




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The renderings below show one option for what the Osborn site could look like if we partially demolish the current building and renovate it, making it possible for the library to expand from the current square footage at City Hall, and including a community center.

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