RFP for Cemetery Platting

You will find the current answers to questions regarding the posted RFP. Questions will be answered as they are received and posted below.

Q: Is there a need to confirm the presence or (non-presence) of critical areas and their buffers in potential new plats?  A: There are no known critical areas at the cemetery.

Q: Is there a maximum page count, and preference on double or single sided pages? A: There is no page limit or requirements for double or single sided.

Q: Could you verify the specific mapping tool name currently being used to interface with ArcGIS, or is the City using the ArcGis database features adjusted for cemetery mapping? A: ERSI offers a cemetery management program that we use. I don’t have the details on the program.

Q: Is a portion of the cemetery already mapped and, if so, what percentage does the City believe is remaining? A: See the City website, cemetery page. The map is available to the public. We have not calculated the existing site versus the used area.

Q: From the RFP, it appears additional tracts are need to be identified, located, and platted.  Would any of the future tracts be on property not owned by the City? Would we want to also include information on appraisal and acquisition services? A: The City does need to plat additional spaces. No acquisition is proposed.

Q: Knowing this project isn’t currently budgeted, is it the City’s intent to negotiate a contract fee for inclusion into the 2022 budget with work starting in 2022 after budget approval? A: There is a potential to start work in 2021 with a budget amendment.

Q: In developing a long-term budget, are all cemetery expenses and revenues currently tracked?  Is it the City’s intent for the consultant to evaluate rates and means of increasing revenues? A: Yes, all revenue and expense for the cemetery is tracked. The City is seeking an evaluation of the rates, existing and new sites and the endowment to ensure long-term maintenance is achieved.

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