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Downtown Paid & Timed Parking Project Update

Downtown Paid & Timed Parking Meter Program

The City of Leavenworth is installing new parking meters and kiosks.  In 2018, the City Council received a detailed Parking Management Study and Plan from Rick Williams and Pete Collins of Rick Williams Consulting.  The Study inspired the City Council to design and to execute a number of measures to better manage parking in the City. Installation of meters and new kiosks begins the week of September 21 and will be completed by the end of October.

You may see some construction activity in the downtown core and in our parking lots in the coming weeks.  As the result of a parking management study completed in 2018, the City is installing new kiosks and sensors in the parking lots and new paid parking meters along with sensors on downtown streets.  This City project has been managed by a diverse Parking Committee made up of council members, residents, merchants, and city staff.  The construction will be visible and no doubt will lead to questions.

You may download the Question/Answer page here.

Installation Schedule

Beginning on October 14th, 2020, through Sunday, October 18th, the following areas will be worked on:

  • Wednesday 10/14
    • North Side of Front St from HWY 2 to Gustav’s
    • North Side of Front St from Visconti’s Lot to 8th
      • continued through Thursday
  • Thursday 10/15
    • North Side of Front St from 8th to 9th
      • continued through Friday
  • Friday 10/16
    • North Side of Commercial from 10th to 9th
    • North Side of Commercial from 9th to 8th
  • Saturday 10/17
    • South Side of HWY 2
  • Sunday 10/18
    • CMC Lots: North, West, South

Updated on 10/14/20

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