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Leavenworth Parking Advisory Committee

Members of the 2019 Parking Advisory Committee include the following community members:

Mia Bretz
City Council

Anne Hessburg
City Council

Kayla Applebay
Chamber of Commerce

Leavenworth Resident

Momi Palmieri
Leavenworth Resident

Jean Dawson
Leavenworth Business Owner

Jesse Boydshared position
Leavenworth Hotelier

Lyman Boydshared position
Leavenworth Hotelier

Ana Cortez-Steiner
Mayor’s Representative

Committee Meeting Agendas & Notes

All Agendas, Packets, and Minutes for all City meetings are now located in one place.
Please visit the City Meeting Agendas & Minutes page. 

6/4/2020 Agenda
6/4/2020 Notes

5/21/2020 Agenda
5/21/2020 Notes

5/7/2020 Agenda
5/7/2020 Notes

3/5/2020 Agenda
3/5/2020 Notes

2/26/2020 Agenda
2/26/2020 Notes

1/21/2020 Agenda
1/21/2020 Notes

1/8/2020 Agenda
1/8/2020 Notes

12/5/2019 Agenda
12/5/2019 Notes

11/22/2019 Agenda
11/22/2019 Notes

11/7/2019 Agenda
11/7/2019 Notes

10/10/2019 Agenda
10/10/19 Notes

9/16/2019 Agenda
9/16/2019 Notes

9/5/2019 Agenda
9/5/2019 Notes

8/22/2019 Agenda
8/22/2019 Notes

8/1/2019 Agenda
8/1/2019 Notes

7/16/2019 Agenda
7/16/19 Notes

6/19/2019 Agenda
6/19/2019 Notes

6/6/2019 Agenda
6/6/2019 Notes

5/23/2019 Agenda
5/23/2019 Notes

5/2/2019 Agenda
5/2/2019 Notes

Leavenworth Parking Study

In partnership with the Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce and the Chelan County Port District, the City of Leavenworth hired Rick Williams Consulting to work with community stakeholders on a downtown parking study. The City is taking a comprehensive approach to parking as part of the economic development strategy for the community. Addressing parking challenges is particularly important as more development comes into Downtown, changing the landscape for parking supply and demand. Throughout this process we will work to understand current parking conditions, obtain public input, collaborate with key stakeholders, and develop parking policy and management strategies that support community goals for economic development, housing, and transportation.

This study will first collect data on how downtown parking (both private and public) is utilized and where there may or may not be capacity issues. Then the team will analyze the data and make recommendations on how the City of Leavenworth can use best practice methods and manage its downtown parking inventory to make parking easier to access in the future and to plan for future increased inventory. The study team collected data on two specific days in Leavenworth to capture employee, customer and tourism parking. While we understand that parking is fully utilized for several special events held within the City, the first effort is to have a measurement of baseline parking needs prior to addressing parking for Oktoberfest or Christmas Lighting.

Downtown Parking:

Downtown Strategic Parking Management Plan:

Final Report – 08.17.2018


Stakeholder Meetings:

Parking Study Stakeholder Meeting 12.14.17 –¬†PowerPoint

Parking Study Fact Sheet;

Parking Study Fact Sheet 02.21.2017

Partnership Agreements

Agreement – Chamber for Parking Study 06.27.17
Interlocal Agreement – PORT Parking Study 06.27.17

Public Meetings:

September 23, 2020

August 20, 2020

Feb 6, 2020

Aug 16, 2018

Jun 14, 2018

May 2, 2018


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