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About the Utility Maintenance Division

The Utility Maintenance Division performs city-wide services such as:

  • Street sweeping
  • Traffic control
  • Snow and ice control
  • Road / street / alley maintenance
  • Street lighting
  • Swimming pool
  • Sidewalk
  • Parking facility
  • Storm drainage
  • Park maintenance

The Division also meets the needs of festival and event coordinators. A Purchasing Division works to supply the workforce with its equipment and supplies.

Side by Side Wheeled All-Terrain Vehicle (WATV) Information

ORDINANCE 1505: An ordinance of the City of Leavenworth, Washington relating to and allowing certain WATV use on public roadways within the City by enacting a new Chapter 10.29 Leavenworth Municipal Code entitled, “Side by Side Wheeled All-Terrain Vehicles”, providing for severability and establishing an effective date.

Map of City Streets

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