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September 15, 2021

Christie Voos, Communications Analyst

City of Leavenworth

c. 509.670.0121

[email protected]



LEAVENWORTH, WA – The City of Leavenworth is preparing for a “soft launch” of the parking meters in the downtown core. The parking meters, installed in the fall of 2020 but not turned on due to COVID-19, will be turned on during the week of September 20, 2021. (Note: parking meters on streets closed to vehicle traffic will not be turned on at this time). The soft launch will allow the City to work out any bugs in the system, as well as it will give parkers time to get used to the changes.

“Our goal is to get the right parker in the right place,” said Christie Voos, Communications Analyst and Parking Coordinator for the City, “It’s not to punish people who don’t know about the launch yet. We want the locals and visitors to know that we understand this is a big change.”

The City has already begun local in-person outreach to businesses and employees in the downtown core, and will continue to expand communications via email, social media, website, news outlets, and in-person outreach throughout the soft launch, which is slated to be 2-3 weeks. During the soft launch, the City will continue to enforce the paid parking lots, but will not be giving parking infractions at metered on-street parking stalls. Instead, “warning” infraction cards will be given with information on the metered parking changes.

In order to provide options for parkers who need to park near downtown for work, the City has implemented a permit program that gives a variety of options, prices and parking locations. Demand for permit parking is expected to be high, and there is a limited number of permit stalls available. The City is looking to expand this program as needed, and is currently sourcing other creative options.

The City has partnered with ParkMobile to provide a contactless, mobile pay solution for parking in the City. Using the ParkMobile app, parkers can view available parking stalls, pay for parking, and manage their paid time all from their smartphone. The app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play, and will go live at the same time the meters are turned on.

More detailed information, answers to frequently asked questions, and information on permits can be found on the City’s website:

For more Information / para más información: contact Leavenworth Communications Analyst, Christie Voos at [email protected] or 509.670.0121.