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The Residential Advisory Committee (RAC) was formed to provide additional two way communication between Leavenworth’s residential community members and the City Council. 

The Committee meets monthly to discuss ongoing issues that may involve the residential community. A few examples of issues that could have an impact on the residential community are: parks, street or sidewalk improvement projects, changes in City operations and maintenance, or new initiatives by the City Council. 

The Committee meetings also offer another way for our community members to bring ideas forward for consideration. 

Prior projects or issues that the Committee has worked on include: 

  • Safe Route to School Funding
  • Identifying Sidewalk Gaps
  • Impact of Festivals on Residential Areas
  • PUD Substation Location Project

The Committee meetings allow for open discussion and problem-solving, and suggestions or solutions are then forwarded to the City Council as recommendations.

If you are looking for a specific document, application, or form, try searching here:

Document Portal

Residential Advisory Committee Meetings

Council Chambers at City Hall

First Tuesday of the month

6:30 PM – 7:30 PM


Committee Membership

Carl Florea
(509) 548-5275 Ext. 125
Anne Hessburg
City Council Position 3, Mayor Pro Tempore; PRSA
Sharon Waters
City Council Position 5
Travis Blue
Kenzie Converse
Rob Eaton
Matt Fields
Duane Goehner
Aidan Ringel
Alison Miller
Planning Commission Position 7
Steven Booher
Planning Commission Position 1

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