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JUNE 15, 2020

The City of Leavenworth announces that due to public health concerns and operational challenges, the pool will not open this summer. City staff attended a regional meeting last week, in which we received specific direction from the State on how to open pools safely. Staff learned that most city pools in the State of Washington will not open this summer.

“Manager Lemons and I have been keeping our fingers tightly crossed in hopes that our pool would be open for business this summer, if even on a limited basis. Every angle has been explored to open the pool for our residents; we know how important this recreational facility is, but the COVID-19 restrictions proved unsurmountable” said Councilwoman Waters. “We will see you next summer… keep your sunny side up” she added.

The Leavenworth City Council directed staff to further investigate the specific conditions under which the pool could open while following Safe Start Washington. The City Council recognized that many cities in the state have already forgone their summer pool seasons; however, they felt that it was important to explore even a shortened pool season.

“Closing the pool is disappointing, yet operational issues including the safety of staff and swimmers are imperative” said Mayor Florea. Mayor Pro-Tem Anne Hessburg indicated “this decision is difficult. We had to also consider that the pool and its programming is funded by taxpayers through the PRSA. We must exercise good stewardship of these funds and ensure that revenues cover costs. Safe Start Washington restrictions on numbers of visitors and swimmers in the pool at any one point, significantly diminishes revenues, while costs would increase for staffing requirements to meet these restrictions.”

Ana Cortez, City Administrator (509) 548-5275 x 124.
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