Robert Smith

Design Review Board Member Position 3

[email protected]

Bob Smith has been an active member of the Leavenworth community for more than 40 years. After serving in the Air Force, Bob moved to Leavenworth in 1972 and opened a dental practice. Together, Bob and Anne threw themselves into Leavenworth’s theme to promote the economic vitality of our community. Leavenworth’s Old World Bavarian Alpine Theme inspired a keen interest in Bavarian and Austrian mountain culture and architecture, and they began traveling to Austria and Germany in the mid 1980’s collecting information, artifacts, publications, and apparel representative of the culture and architecture of Alpine Bavaria. With this passion, collected knowledge, and resources, Bob has helped to develop the City’s original Old World Bavarian Architectural Theme code and was one of the founding members of the Leavenworth Design Review Board. He was also a founding member of Projekt Bayern and helped spearhead projects such as the Mai pole, Beer wagon, park signage, and original Oktoberfest efforts. Bob designed and built the Hotel Pension Anna, which still stands as one of the most authentically Old World Bavarian designed buildings in Leavenworth.

Bob and Anne have a part time residence on the border of Austria and Germany and have traveled throughout the majority of the Alpine regions of Europe. Bob has published several books detailing traditional Bavarian Architecture and design, and has been an ongoing and valuable resource to designers, sign makers, and City staff over the years. Bob maintains his belief in Leavenworth’s Old World Bavarian Alpine Theme to promote Leavenworth’s economic prosperity. He brings a lifetime of experience, resources, and knowledge, and we are excited to have him re-join the Design Review Board.

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