Last Updated: May 22, 2023


Sewer Improvements




Bid Opening: March 2023
Construction: May 2023 – December 2023 (tentative)


May 22, 2023 Update — Due to delays in material procurement, the pipe lining work within Edelweiss Weg (the downtown alley) has been postponed. The Contractor is currently working in Edelweiss Weg; work includes cleaning and camera inspecting the sewer main, open excavating to repair damage, and installing a manhole. The pipe lining work in Edelweiss Weg will be rescheduled at a date and time to minimize the impact to business operation.

Cleaning and camera inspection within the residential area is scheduled to begin later this week.


Public Outreach

March 2023

Bid Opening

March 2023

Construction Starts (Approximated)

May 2023

Construction Complete

Fall 2023

Andi Zontek-Backstrum, PE
CIP Manager/Deputy Public Works Director
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (509) 548-5275, Ext. 134


Project Area Exhibit


Public Outreach Flyer


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In 2017, the City was awarded $19,500,000 in USDA Rural Development grants and loans to design and construct improvements to the wastewater collection and treatment system. Phase 1, which included improvements to the City’s wastewater treatment plant, was constructed between 2020 and 2022. Phase 2, which included the replacement of the City’s highest volume gravity sewer main, was constructed in 2020. Now, the project has reached Phase 3, which is the improvement of over 11,000 feet of sewer main throughout the City.

The project area extends throughout the residential area and downtown commercial core. The following streets are a summary of the project area. For more information, please see the figure linked below:

Residential Areas:

  • Alpensee Strasse
  • Birch Street: Ski Hill Drive to Cascade Street
  • Cedar Street: Cone Street to Fir Street
  • Central Avenue: Birch Street to Cedar Street
  • Clinton Street
  • Commercial Street: First Street to Third Street, Division Street to 14th Street
  • Mill Street: US Highway 2 to West Whitman Street, Benton Street to Prospect Street
  • Prospect Street: Mill Street to West Whitman Street
  • Scholze Street
  • Ski Hill Drive: Birch Street to Pine Street
  • Whitman Street: Ski Hill Drive to Woodward Street

Commercial Areas:

  • Commercial Street: 10th Street to Division Street
  • Edelweiss Weg (Downtown Alley between Front Street and Commercial Street)
  • Evans Street: Sherbourne Street to US Highway 2
  • Front Street: Division Street Intersection

The following exhibits show the proposed improvements for the project area:

Project Area Exhibit

Frequently Asked Questions:


Where is this project located?
Work will take place throughout the City. More information can be found in the Project Area Exhibit linked above.


What are the purposes of this project?
The goal of this project is to rehabilitate the most critical pipes in the City's wastewater collection system. This will be done by lining the existing sewer pipes with a cured-in-place pipe. This essentially creates a new plastic pipe within the existing pipe without requiring excavation.


I live, work, or own a building in the project area . How will this impact me?
While the contractor is working on the section of sewer main that your house or business is connected to, you will be asked to not discharge any wastewater. This includes activities like flushing a toilet, using a shower, and running a dishwasher. We anticipate that this will last a maximum of one business day between the hours of 7am and 6pm. You will receive more detailed notifications before this work is to take place.


How will this project impact traveling through the residential area of the City?
The majority of the work will be completed with relatively minor traffic impacts. Within the residential area, please expect a single lane closure or a shoulder closure. Traffic delays due to the project should be less than 5 minutes long.


How will this project impact deliveries to the downtown commercial core of the City?
During the days that work is taking place on Edelweiss Weg, the downtown alley that is located between Front Street and Commercial Street, delivery vehicles will not be able to access the alley between the hours of 7am and 6pm Monday through Friday. It will be each business' responsibility to coordinate this with their delivery vehicles. We anticipate this impact will be a maximum of two weeks.


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