Last Updated: February 22, 2023


Intersection and Corridor Improvements




Preliminary Design Study: April 2022 – November 2023
Funding Applications: Ongoing
Design & Construction: Pending funding; target construction completion by 2028


November 29, 2023 Technical Memorandum from RH2 to document Pine Street Traffic Study.

February 22, 2023 Update — City staff is currently pursuing funding for the design and construction of the project.


Preliminary Design Study: Funding Authorized

April 2022

Preliminary Design Study: Completion

November 2023

Design and Construction Funding Applications


Target Construction Completion

December 2028 (actual date pending award of design and construction funding)

Andi Zontek-Backstrum, PE
CIP Manager/Deputy Public Works Director
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (509) 548-5275, Ext. 134


Technical Memorandum: Pine Street Traffic Study (RH2, 11/29/2023)


Pine Street/Chumstick Highway Roundabout Exhibit


Pine Street Corridor (Titus Road to Chumstick Highway) Improvements Exhibit


Existing Fir Street Intersection – Traffic Delay Video


Safety Concerns at Existing Fir Street Intersection – Traffic Delay Video


WSDOT Roundabout Information


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In March 2022, the City was awarded Surface Transportation Block Grant (STBG) federal funding to complete a preliminary design study for the Pine Street Phase 2 improvements. This project area spans Pine Street from Titus Road to the Chumstick Highway. An advisory committee composed of community residents and City Council Members met monthly to review findings from the study and offer recommendations to the City Council. The Pine Street corridor and Pine Street/Chumstick Highway intersection improvements were analyzed as part of the study. Ultimately, the study concluded with the City Council recommending a hybrid dual-lane roundabout alternative at the intersection of Pine Street and Chumstick Highway.

The following exhibits show the proposed improvements for the project area:

Pine Street/Chumstick Highway Roundabout Exhibit

Pine Street Corridor (Titus Road to Chumstick Highway) Improvements Exhibit

Frequently Asked Questions:


Where is this project located?
Pine Street Phase 2 includes all of Pine Street between Titus Road and Chumstick Highway.


What are the purposes of this project?
This project aims to increase pedestrian and vehicular safety along Pine Street from Titus Road to the Chumstick Highway while also improving traffic flow. A link to the current observed traffic delay is linked in the Other Information area of this page.


What is the scope of this project?
This project will reconstruct Pine Street from Titus Road to Chumstick Highway to be similar to the existing layout of Pine Street Phase 1 (between Ski Hill Drive and Titus Road). This will include a new paved shared use path on the north side of the street and a sidewalk on the south side of the street. Pine Street will be extended to intersect directly with the Chumstick Highway, removing the existing "S curve" that currently connects Pine and Fir Streets to Chumstick Highway. A roundabout will be constructed at the Pine Street and Chumstick Highway intersection.


How will a roundabout improve the Pine Street & Chumstick Highway intersection?
A roundabout will allow for reduced congestion and smoother traffic flow through the intersection. It will more evenly spread the priority between vehicles entering the intersection from all directions. The location of the roundabout will move the intersection further away from US Highway 2, which will allow for more vehicles to wait for the US Highway 2/Chumstick signal before they back up to the new Pine Street intersection.


How will this project improve pedestrian access?
The new shared use path will connect the existing Pine Street shared use path from where it currently ends at Titus Road to the shared use path on Chumstick Highway that extends from the Cascade High School entrance to North Road. This will provide a continuous shared use path from the intersection at North Road to Ski Hill Drive.


How do roundabouts improve safety?
Roundabouts force drivers to slow down, reduce the number of vehicle conflict points, and reduce the severity of vehicle crashes. They also provide designated crosswalks and refuge islands for pedestrian safety.


What portion of this project has been approved by City Council?
At the City Council meeting on January 10, 2023, the Council recommended that a hybrid dual-lane roundabout be selected as the preferred alternative. This is referred to as "hybrid dual-lane" because only a portion of the roundabout has two lanes; the remainder of the roundabout has a single lane. No other recommendations have been made by the Council on this project.


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