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Andi Zontek-Backstrum, PE
CIP Manager/Deputy Public Works Director
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (509) 548-5275, Ext. 134


Mountain View Cemetery Master Plan_January 2022

Request for Qualifications


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The City owns and operates the Mountain View Cemetery, located at 12874
Cemetery Road. Currently, there is a very limited number of burial plots available for
purchase. The Cemetery includes six (6) burial sections that have been platted but have
not had any landscaping improvements; these six (6) burial sections are herein referred
to as the “unimproved area”. Historically, the unimproved area was used for material
storage by the City’s Public Works Department. In 2023, the City had the associated soil
mounds removed from the Cemetery. There has been no additional finish grading
completed to date. The existing surface of the unimproved area is composed of
exposed soil, native vegetation, and spare trees.

In order to create sellable lots in the unimproved area, Cemetery section corners must
be surveyed and have monuments set, landscaping improvements must be completed,
and an associated irrigation system must be installed. It is estimated that the
unimproved area covers approximately 30,000 square feet of area. Concurrently with
the landscape and irrigation improvements, the City would like to grade and place
crushed rock surfacing on the roadways in and around the unimproved area. The
Cemetery is also limited in available niche space, and as such the City would like four
(4) concrete pads placed near the existing four (4) niches, located in the northwest
corner of the Cemetery, for future installation of new niches.

In addition, the City would like to visually enhance the existing maintenance buildings
that are located on the Cemetery property. Annually, City staff receive complaints
about the impact the buildings appear to have on the esthetics of the Cemetery. The
City aims to address this concern in a cost-effective yet functional manner.

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