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We’re Open!
Snow is manageable and, as Queen would say, the show must go on. This doesn’t mean there’s no more work, but it does mean “normal” is closer. 👏
🌄 This is my last daily snow update, but we’ll keep our emergency resource webpage updated, and will continue efforts to connect help with help requests over the weekend.
🚛 Contract snow removal and the National Guard have moved on to their next project/mission. No more night time snow work! We know y’all need some sleep 😴.
🚜 Today, the Public Works team has cleared alleys and roof slides that made them snowy again.
📥 Our next priorities will be sidewalks, fire hydrants, and  the recycling center. 
♻️ Recycling Center will be CLOSED this Saturday.
🦌 Please keep an eye out for our furry neighbors. We’ve seen more wildlife in town since the snowstorm than usual – and the animals are tired, hungry, and moving slowly. Please keep an eye out for them crossing the street – they aren’t able to move out of the way as quickly as usual.


Snow Help Request Form

Can’t fill out the form? Give us a call at 509-670-0121.

Follow the City’s Twitter & Facebook accounts for the most up to date news

WSDOT Pass Reports

WSDOT East Twitter Account

NOAA Weather for Leavenworth

Chamber of Commerce Webcams


Always call 911 if it’s an emergency.

List of Resources for Snow Removal on Private Property

Press Release: County clarifies snow removal policies, EM efforts 

For welfare checks in the County, call the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office. If it’s after hours, call the RiverCom business line.

For power questions, contact Chelan PUD.

For the most up to date County News, follow the:

Chelan County Emergency Management Facebook account

Chelan County Public Works Facebook account.


It’s a slushy world out there today. After the ice, it seems like a dream…until you try to drive on a slushy road. Be safe and careful out there, folks!
🚩 Today, we continued outreach for snow help & were able to get folks in contact with those that could help. A great resource for those that can help clear snow from private property is the list Chelan County Emergency Management put together:
I’ve also seen many posts on local FB groups and a new FB group for snow help.
🚜 The Public Works crew will be out cleaning up snow the downtown area tonight in prep for the weekend. This may continue into the weekend.
🚜 We’ve widened roads and continued snow removal. Storage is getting even more creative, as I know it is for everyone.
🥳 Winter Karneval is still on for this weekend! Check out the Chamber of Commerce website ( for more info on what’s happening.
💦 If you have a storm drain on your property, please keep it clear. Too much water is about as good as too much snow. And if it’s in the street, please let us know (via the webform at if it’s not clear.
Last Thursday, we were covered in snow. Today, we are in a melt phase. I’d say we are rolling with the punches! The work isn’t done yet, and we’ll keep at it.


 🙌 The National Guard was able to deliver food, continue welfare checks, and make the public right of way accessible.
🦺 The Public Works & Emergency Contractor crews continued to widen streets and haul snow away (it’s amazing how much snow there is).
☎️ We reached the majority of folks who submitted the form for help, either by phone or by in-person visits from the National Guard.
🤝 We were able to get residents who needed more aid than the City/National Guard could provide in touch with contractors and those who could help clear private property. There’s a great list that Chelan County Emergency Management created linked from here:
🚙 Stevens Pass is slated to open tomorrow!
The National Guard is headed elsewhere tomorrow. We are so thankful for their service, but know we still have residents who could benefit from aid in many categories. We’ll keep calm and Leavenworth on, and will continue to support our community.


 Well, it’s official, our community is still the best. 🙂 Here’s the snowstorm update for this evening.
🚩 The City has received over 200 requests for help from all City and County residents.
🚩 At this time, the National Guard is primarily focused on welfare checks, safety, and food delivery for people in the City Limits.
🚩 We have not gotten to all requests yet, but we made great progress today thanks to the National Guard!
🚩 Chelan County Emergency Management is contacting everyone who has submitted a request that lives in the county, and the City/National Guard is contacting all City residents who have submitted a request.
🚩 Many requests have been for help clearing snow off of roofs or driveways on private property. The National Guard is unable to do this as they do not have heavy/the right equipment. However, we have been approached by folks who can assist. We are putting together an info list to share, so that needs can be matched.


Keep Calm and Leavenworth On is my new motto. Our community is amazing. And with that, I’ll keep it short and sweet.

👏 The webform for help is working! We have been able to coordinate resources for those in the County and in the City. I’ve even upgraded the link so it’s not so long to type (!

🚛 Commercial Garbage pickup is beginning again – but they can’t pick up bins that are stuck in snow. Please clear your bin of snow.

🚶‍♀️🚶 The Festhalle walking group won’t start until NEXT Monday.

👏 The National Guard has been out doing welfare checks already – they mobilized early and were able to start earlier than planned.

🔧 The leak at Evans and Cascade is waiting on parts to fix it, so please avoid the coned off area.

Ok, folks, I’ve got to go continue snow removal. Stay tuned tomorrow for more updates!


We are worried about folks who may not be able to reach out and/or fill out our web form (for any reason).

If you haven’t seen your neighbor lately, they may need help. It’s not easy to go ring the doorbell through feet of snow, but if you can check on your neighbors, please do!

No request is too small – if we don’t know about it, we can’t help or coordinate help.


🚩 We are working through all the requests for snow removal help, welfare checks, etc. Thank you for your patience! And please know there’s no request too small.

❄️ Snow removal continues around the clock

🚜 Any remaining alleys will be attended to when daylight arrives today (plowing alleys in the dark is not easy or a good idea since they are so technical and we are conscious of vehicles/sheds/etc).

🚜 We are getting creative with snow storage due to the huge amounts of snow we are clearing from the City. I know everyone is dealing with this same issue & we’re doing our best to help.

👏 THANK YOU to our entire community for coming together to help each other out. We’ve still got work ahead of us with the warming weather and potential rain coming this week. :/


The National Guard will be able to assist us beginning Monday, Jan 10th.

We will have 23 National Guard Troops (23 people) here to help us with welfare checks, food distribution, and shoveling/moving snow that is in the public right of way.

Until Monday, we will continue 24 hour snow removal. A few community members have reached out about areas in the City that still need huge snow removal efforts. Thank you!

If you have not filled out the snow help request form, and need help of any kind (snow, food, welfare check, etc.), please do so. I’ve added a section for needing necessities like food and welfare checks. It’s the best way for us to coordinate with the amount of requests we have incoming, and even if we can’t help immediately, we may be able to get you information to help.

**Please note, the National Guard will not be able to help rake/shovel roofs, so we will need to continue to help our neighbors. I know there’s still a lot of folks out there who have work to do in this area (including me).



January 7, 2022

Christie Voos, Communications Analyst
[email protected]


LEAVENWORTH, WA – Mayor Carl Florea has declared a disaster in the City of Leavenworth due to unprecedented and record-breaking snowfall. The City of Leavenworth received 36” of snow in under 24 hours on January 6th, 2022. Some microclimate pockets have now received up to 48” in the last 48 hours, causing concern for life safety and structure stability in the community at large.

The emergency declaration allows the City to use local resources that can aid quickly, instead of going through a normal bidding process, and is a pre-requisite for state and federal emergency aid funding.

In addition, Mayor Florea approved Tom Wachholder, Public Works Director, to request aid from the National Guard for assistance with citizen welfare checks, food delivery, general snow cleanup, and private driveway snow removal. Director Wachholder is working with local contractors and services to provide emergency aid including snow storage and snow removal.

For more Information/ para más información, contact us at [email protected]

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