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RFP Owner Occupied Workforce Housing

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You will find the current answers to questions regarding the posted RFP. Questions will be answered as they are received and posted below.

The following clarifications under the Evaluation Criteria have been requested:

Criteria 2. Retention, the “terms of occupancy” relates to any owner terms of occupancy; while the “duration of project affordability covenant” addresses only the methods/plans and timeline for affordability.

Criteria 3. Financial and Community Assessment, intent here is to have a diversity of resources.

Criteria 4. Readiness, site plan (see city website for site plan checklist), with height calculation, square footage of each unit, and number of bed/baths is key here. But also need to know if under contract with owner(s) and/or builder(s) and the projected date of occupancy.

Criteria 6. Impact, “projects not concentrated in one location” will include a review of other housing options in the area (are you close to already developed affordable housing?)

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