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Request for Proposals for Water System Plan Update

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Q/A to date (June 6, 2022) regarding the City of Leavenworth’s Water System Plan Update (bold = question, followed by City response):

  1. We have reviewed the current Water System Plan and discovered it was approved in 2018.  This would allow for a 10 year approval timeline.  What are the reasons for updating the WSP at this time? Growth has significantly exceeded assumptions made in the 2018 WSP. We have 500 units pending application and we currently do not meet our peak hour demand.

2. How is the City’s relationship with the current engineer that performed the Water System Plan?  As we have done many water system plans, it is much easier when you have already completed the plan and have all the files for an update. The firm who completed the 2018 WSP was not sent an invitation to submit a proposal as they are not on the City’s MRSC Consultant Roster.

3. Considering this is a engineering proposal, we would not feel comfortable providing any fee for any additional task.  Would this reflect on our qualifications? Good catch, thank you. I used the previous WSP RFP as a starting point and did not catch this in the project scope section. The previous RFP requested cost estimates for the work and was included in the score criteria. As you are fully aware, this is an A/E-type project that requires a qualifications based selection process. A moment ago I issued a revised RFP striking the fee estimate language on page 3. Once again, thank you.

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