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Advertisement For Bids – Wastewater Collection and Treatment Facility Improvements Project: Phase 3 Collection System

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City of Leavenworth (Owner) is requesting Bids for construction of the City of Leavenworth Wastewater Collection and Treatment Facility Improvement Project: Phase 3 Collection System.

The Project generally consists of constructing the following improvements:

  • Cleaning and internal CCTV inspection of approximately 13,000 lf of 8”-15” wastewater pipelines
  • Root removal
  • Sanitary sewer bypass pumping
  • CIPP liner installation in approximately 11,800 lf of 8”-15” wastewater pipelines
  • Re-establishment of approximately 250 4”-6” sewer service connections
  • Open cut repair or CIPP liner repair of existing 8” wastewater pipelines at 10 locations including excavation, pipe and fittings, bedding, backfill and compaction
  • Installation of 3 wastewater manholes to replace existing cleanouts including excavation, bedding and backfill
  • Associated work including construction surveying and staking; existing monument and survey marker location, protection and/or replacement; miscellaneous landscape and surface restoration

Sealed Bids will be received until 1:00:00 pm Thursday, March 23, 2023 local time.

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Advertisement For Bids

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