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Winter Parking

Winter Parking Ban

City of Leavenworth implements a Winter Parking Ban on all city streets between the hours of 3:00 AM and 7:00 AM November 15th through March 14th as required per LMC 10.08.020 (Ord. 1326 § 2, 2008; Ord. 1144 § 1, 2000; Ord. 515 § 1, 1970; Ord. 498 § 2, 1969.) The Winter Parking Ban is in effect regardless of snow conditions during this time frame. Your attention and compliance to this ordinance will help make our streets safer and drivable this winter. Enforcement of the parking ban may include ticketing and towing of vehicles left stopped or parked on any street within the city which constitutes a danger, obstruction of traffic or interferes with the city equipment in removing snow from the streets and/or alleys.

Snow Removal Operations

The City officially begins snow removal operations at 3:00 AM after each three (3) inch snowfall. Snow plowing begins on primary emergency routes during the storm and prior to a snow callout. There are three dedicated snow plow trucks assigned to the residential areas, two front end loaders and a road grader assigned to snow removal in the downtown area, parking lots and alleyways, and two skid steers assigned to removing snow from sidewalks. Clean-up and removal of a 3 – 6 inch snowfall is typically completed by 9:30 AM. Weather temperatures, total snowfall, snow consistency, mechanical breakdowns will affect the timing and completion of snow removal operations.

Maintaining the plow schedule is top priority of the Public Works Department during winter months. Residents are asked to adhere to the posted no parking signs and the winter parking ban so snow removal operations can take place safely and efficiently.


The removal of snow and ice from sidewalks is the responsibility of property owners. If you place snow and ice in the street you are responsible for it not obstructing drainage or interfering with travel as per LMC 12.20.010. We appreciate your cooperation in keeping our sidewalks clear for our residents and visitors.

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