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Enchantment Park

Leavenworth’s “Field of Dreams”

Like the famous movie “Field of Dreams” about a man with a dream to build a baseball diamond to give baseball heroes a second chance at the game, Leavenworth also had a dream…to build a sports complex to provide our community and visitors a place to recreate and experience the sense of community that comes with it.

Softball, Baseball, Soccer, a Playground, and More…

Enchantment Park Playground

The community’s dream was realized when the park opened to the public in the spring of 1992. Today, Enchantment Park contains two softball fields, a junior baseball field (one field doubles as a youth soccer field) and playground. Restrooms and changing rooms are adjacent to the fields, along with parking that accommodates a large number of vehicles and up to 3 busses, including ADA parking. Efforts to improve the park are ongoing.



Scenic Trails

The fields also link directly to trails which loop through the City’s scenic Waterfront Park recreational area. Branching out from the ball fields, Enchantment Trail, Rafters Trail, Bear Trail, and Deer Trail provide walking and bicycle paths through a pristine natural environment, while Enchantment Bridge connects the park to Blackbird Island and the Wenatchee River waterfront environment.

Wildlife Viewing

If you are lucky, while walking or cycling along the trails, you may see deer, bear, cougar, beaver, several species of birds, and fish.

Wildlife Tips and Precautions

Please remember that wild animals can be unpredictable and dangerous. The same precautions apply when visiting any forest, river or other natural environment:

  • Supervise children.
  • Keep a safe distance from water and wildlife.
  • Don’t feed or leave food for the critters.

Wild animals can become caught up in or injured by food containers and other unnatural items left in the environment, so we have a “pack it in, pack it out” policy to keep the area clean and as natural as possible. While you are enjoying picnics, sports and other activities, please remember to use the trash receptacles placed throughout the parks.

Park Season

Enchantment Park facilities are closed during the winter months but the trails remain open for walking and cross country skiing. The ball fields and restroom facilities close yearly on October 15th to prepare for the winter, opening in the spring starting generally on April 15th depending on the snow melt and cold weather temperatures.

Our community is proud of the ‘field of dreams’ we have built and hope you will come and enjoy it!

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