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Mountain View Cemetery is located at 12874 Cemetery Road in Leavenworth, Washington.

  • Drive southwest on US Highway 2 toward Seattle
  • Turn left onto Icicle Road
  • Turn left onto Cemetery Road / Jean Street SE
  • Cemetery will be on the left

Leavenworth’s Mountain View Cemetery

When one thinks of eternity, one dreams of a place where peace, tranquility, and beauty merge. The City of Leavenworth has such a place for us when our journey through life has come full-circle.

Mountain View Cemetery is nestled in the Icicle Valley surrounded by towering peaks that are blanketed by evergreens. “Mountain View” in and of its title explains the setting that one observes when standing and looking in any direction. Encompassed by the mountains, turn to look at the Sleeping Lady silhouette atop of Icicle Ridge.

One must visit Mountain View to experience the breathtaking panorama that makes authors stumble over their words to describe its beauty.  To learn more about purchasing a lot or niche contact Public Works Administrative Assistant Angela Reinhart.

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