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Pine Street Reconstruction

Pine Street is one of the original roads in the City, which until the early 1970’s, like a majority of City streets, was an unpaved dirt surface and then paved without proper base course. Currently Pine Street is without curb, gutter, or sidewalks. Pavement condition rating is 48 on a 100 point rating system. Pine Street from Ski Hill Drive to Chumstick Hwy. serves as a vital link in the City’s overall transportation plan. It is a key passage way for delivery vehicles, bus traffic, resident access, and is a pedestrian way for adults and children who live within the City. The City Council has identified the reconstruction project of Pine Street as the City’s top road improvement project.


Current Condition

Engineers estimate of probable costs:     $2,090,630     August 16, 2017

Secured Funding as of November 2017:

Agency Source Amount
Chelan Douglas Transportation Council (CDTD)
Surface Transportation  Block Grant (STBG)
Federal $705,600
Transportation Improvement Board (TIB)
Complete Street Grant
State $250,000
Cascade School District
Required Frontage Improvements
Local $200,000
City of Leavenworth / Transportation Benefit District Local $385,100
TIB Small City Arterial Funding Grant State $550,000
TOTAL $2,090,700



Phase Status Comments
Design Engineering 90% Cultural resource work, Tribal review, wetland decision, survey work & base cross section completed.
Right of Way (ROW) Acquisition 75% North-side ROW completed. ROW plan for south-side needed for DOT review and approval
Construction 0
Project Close out 0









Design Exhibits

Open House #3 – November 14, 2018

Open House #2 – October 25, 2017

Base Design Cross Section Approval,  November 10, 2015:

Open House #1 – February 18, 2015:

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