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Housing Action Plan

Why study housing in Leavenworth?

The City of Leavenworth offers a mix of housing options. However, as the city has grown its housing has not been able to meet the housing needs of all income levels.

The City Council has been examining how to best meet housing need for several years. The Housing Task force was established in 2016 and a Housing Needs Assessment was conducted in 2017. The Council Housing Committee was established in 2018 and diligently reviewed the city’s regulations with the Planning Commission. Several code amendments in made in 2019.

The City has made several changes to support additional housing for all economic levels including permitting Accessory Dwelling Units, zero lot line development, updated Planned Development regulations and added two new funding support tools for affordable housing. These changes have resulted in more housing. City leadership and support has led to the largest housing project the City’s history: the Leavenworth Haus apartment complex with 200 new units coming online fall of 2020 through 2021.

But the city continues to struggle with insufficient housing options, rising housing costs, and limited housing availability. To meet these needs, we applied and were awarded a Housing Action Plan grant through the Washington State Department of Commerce. .

What is a Housing Action Plan?

A Housing Action Plan is an opportunity for the City to complete a comprehensive review of current living conditions, identify future housing needs, and develop clear, actionable implementation tools. This Plan is funded by a grant from the Department of Commerce. Key points of the Housing Action Plan include:

  • Collecting and evaluating existing housing and demographic data
  • Examining housing needs for those working in the City of Leavenworth
  • Identifying potential changes to current housing regulations to increase options for residents
  • Planning for future population and employment growth and its impact on housing needs
  • Preparing a “Tool Box” of housing improvement options

The following documents are provided for review and comment:

How you can help shape the Housing Action Plan?

The Housing Action Plan needs your input to be a successful plan representing the community.

If you are an employer, we need your help. Please take a few minutes to complete a simple survey at:

Stay Informed

By signing up for email notifications, you can stay informed about the Housing Action Plan. It is easy to get notifications – just Email: You will receive notice of all meetings and updates on the planning process and documents.

Share Your Housing Story

The City is encouraging people to share their housing story. We want to hear from you! By sharing your stories and photos you can help community understand who lives here and what housing means to you.

Did you grow up here? If not, that’s okay! We also want to build all our resident stories! Did you move for a job, romance, school, or adventure? Why the area? Why the lifestyle? Are you living with roommates—or your mom or your grandma? Are you renting a studio, commuting into town, looking to downsize, or worried about finding your next apartment?

Tell us your story with three easy steps:

  • How did you wind up in (or near) Leavenworth? What makes a home? What does community mean to you? What’s your take on the housing situation in Leavenworth?
  • Snap a photo (nothing fancy—phone selfies are totally fine, but if you have nicer portraits or photos taken of you on your phone, we won’t complain)!
  • Tell us a bit about your home (housing type, roommates, neighborhood) and your community.

Stories like yours help illustrate why a thriving city is stronger—and more livable and lovable—when we encourage more homes of all shapes and sizes to give all kinds of people plenty of affordable options. These stories may be included in our Housing Action Plan.

Attend a Planning Commission Meeting

By attending a Planning Commission meeting you can listen to the presentation(s), hear the discussion and provide comment or take that experience home and ponder the ideas before providing comment.

Provide your comments and ideas

Many people have limited time or may not feel comfortable attending a meeting. However, your comments and ideas are equally important and can be submitted by email or mail.


Mail: Planning Commission, HAP, PO Box 287, Leavenworth, WA 98826

Visit with us

If you prefer a conversation, you are encouraged to reach out to one of the Planning Commission Members, Council Members, or Mayor.

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