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Development Services Department

Development Services Staff

Lilith Vespier, AICPDevelopment Services Manager

Maggie Boles, Assistant Planner

Mark Barnes, Building and Code Inspector/Plans Examiner

Regional Stormwater Wetlands Master Planning

Final Documents:

2016 Regional Stormwater / Wetland Management Master Plan

Stormwater Infrastructure Hydrology/Hydraulic Preliminary Analysis

City of Leavenworth Wetland Inventory Report

City of Leavenworth Mission Statement: 

The City of Leavenworth is a community of creative people dedicated, as partners, to effectively serving the diverse needs of City residents, business interests, visitors, and our upper Valley neighbors.

Development Services staff members are simultaneously engaged in administering a variety of regulatory requirements, and work daily in community development, strategic planning, and other special projects.

Permit responsibilities include construction, the environment, the community, and economic development.

The administration of the local Bavarian Design theme is also an important element of this department.

Department Responsibilities

Please see below for the wide variety of permit applications which Development Services is involved with.

In addition, Development Services oversees zoning/land use ordinances, interlocal planning, long range land use planning, strategic planning, economic development, downtown revitalization, fire safety inspections, oversight of special research/community projects, grant writing, and other special project development.

Professional Staff Support

The Development Services staff provides professional staff support to various City boards and commissions, including the Design Review Board, Planning Commission, and subcommittees of the City Council.

The work of the staff plays a vital role in assuring that all sectors of the community receive fair, courteous, and effective service, especially as projects move from conception to completion.

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