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City Administration

Ana Cortez-Steiner, City Administrator

Sue Cragun, Executive Assistant




City of Leavenworth Mission Statement: 

The City of Leavenworth is a community of creative people dedicated, as partners, to effectively serving the diverse needs of City residents, business interests, visitors, and our upper Valley neighbors.

City Administrator

The City Administrator is appointed by the Mayor to manage the day to day operations and daily business of the City. The City Administrator serves the Mayor by providing coordination and delivery of customer services and is responsible to provide overall leadership and direction of the City’s management team.

The Administrator acts as the City’s personnel officer, assists the Mayor in the preparation and performance of the annual budget and coordinates with the City’s legislative body, the City Council. The Administrator implements the policies set forth by the City Council and assists in the development of the City’s long range objectives, vision and image established by the Mayor and City Council.

The Administrator advises the City Council on technical issues regarding the budget, program implementation, coordination of activities with other levels of government and communities. The City Administrator also assists the Mayor and City Council in representing the City when dealing with other local, State and Federal Agencies and in establishing close working relationships with community organizations, the private sector, and other governmental agencies.

The City Administrator’s Office is available to assist you in:

  • Connecting you with the Leavenworth City Council
  • Building stronger, active neighborhoods
  • Assisting your new or existing business to be successful
  • Finding volunteer opportunities that meet your needs
  • Keeping you informed and involved with the City
  • Helping you get connected to the right department for customer service.

Community Q&A

Community Members are invited to join Mayor Carl Florea and City Administrator Ana Cortez-Steiner at a weekly meeting held via Zoom Conferencing. This is a time where community members may ask questions, clarify information, provide suggestions, etc. The Wednesday meetings will begin on May 27, 2020 and take place from 6:30-7:30 PM. Everyone is welcome!

Zoom login:

Meeting ID: 874 4745 5393

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