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Leavenworth 2020 Pool Season Closure »

JUNE 15, 2020


The City of Leavenworth announces that due to public health concerns and operational challenges, the pool will not open this summer. City staff attended a regional meeting last week, in which we received specific direction from the State on how to open pools safely. Staff learned that most city pools in the State of Washington will not open this summer.

“Manager Lemons and I have been keeping our fingers tightly crossed in hopes that our pool would be open for business this summer, if even on a limited basis. Every angle has been explored to open the pool for our residents; we know how important this recreational facility is, but the COVID-19 restrictions proved unsurmountable” said Councilwoman Waters. “We will see you next summer… keep your sunny side up” she added.

The Leavenworth City Council directed staff to further investigate the specific conditions under which the pool could open while following Safe Start Washington. The City Council recognized that many cities in the state have already forgone their summer pool seasons; however, they felt that it was important to explore even a shortened pool season.

“Closing the pool is disappointing, yet operational issues including the safety of staff and swimmers are imperative” said Mayor Florea. Mayor Pro-Tem Anne Hessburg indicated “this decision is difficult. We had to also consider that the pool and its programming is funded by taxpayers through the PRSA. We must exercise good stewardship of these funds and ensure that revenues cover costs. Safe Start Washington restrictions on numbers of visitors and swimmers in the pool at any one point, significantly diminishes revenues, while costs would increase for staffing requirements to meet these restrictions.”


Ana Cortez, City Administrator (509) 548-5275 x 124.

Download Press Release PDF

COVID-19 Requirements for Retail Establishments with Occupancy Calculator »

COVID-19 Requirements

TO:  Retail Establishments
FROM:  David J Nalle, Deputy Fire Chief
DATE:  05/21/20

RE:  Phase 2 Limited In-Store Retail Operations

Dear Retail Establishments,

As Phase 2 Limited In-Store Retail Operations begin unfolding, Chelan County Fire District #3 and Leavenworth Development Services Department would like to provide some assistance to aid in determining COVID-19 Requirements Phase-2 Temporary maximum guest occupancy load reduction to 30%

Phase 2 temporarily requires guest occupancy to be reduced to 30% of the maximum building occupancy.

Chelan County Fire District #3 has developed a Mercantile/Retail calculator to assist with calculating the temporary phase-2 restrictions.

Annual Business Fire Safety Inspections are still required.  Chelan County Fire District #3 would like to ease the burden of interruption of business by offering up inspections by appointment.

If you would like to make an appointment for an inspection, please contact us at 509-548-7711.  We understand the financial impacts that have occurred and would like to work with you by planning for repairs that may be needed. Life safety violations will still be required to be corrected immediately.

Dave Nalle

Please download the instructions with the occupancy calculator here

Dryden Transfer Station Reopens to the Public on Thursday, 6/11/2020 »

Repairs to the push pit floor of the Dryden Transfer Station are complete, and the facility reopens to the public on Thursday, June 11, at 9:30 AM.

The facility returns to its normal hours:  9:30 AM to 5:00 PM Tuesday through Friday; 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM Saturdays.

More information is at: https://www.co.chelan.wa.us/solid-waste-management



Jill FitzSimmons
PIO/Special Projects Coordinator
Chelan County Public Works


Follow Chelan County Public Works on Facebook.


Chelan County Notice RE: Leavenworth Brush Site »

The fees at the county’s Leavenworth brush drop-off site have returned to the normal charge of $15 per cubic yard, beginning immediately.

The county in March put a flat fee system in place at the brush site, which services only those people living in the Apple Maggot Quarantine Area of Chelan County, in response to COVID-19 precautions.

The brush site, located at the intersection of Icicle and East Leavenworth roads, is open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Fridays. Only cash or checks are taken. Visitors are also reminded that the site is for those people who live outside the Leavenworth city limits.

To determine if you live in the Apple Maggot Quarantine Area of Chelan County, visit the searchable map from the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

Jill FitzSimmons
PIO/Special Projects Coordinator
Chelan County Public Works

Follow Chelan County Public Works on Facebook.

PRESS RELEASE: Working WA Small Business Emergency Grants »


June 5, 2020

Mayor Carl Florea of Leavenworth has worked to secure seven Working Washington Small Business Emergency Grants (WWSBEG) through a close partnership with Chelan County, Port of Chelan, and the Washington Department of Commerce. WWSBEG funding is available to assist and to support small businesses facing imminent failure due to the COVID-19 pandemic and associated economic emergency. A total of 37 Chelan County businesses were selected out of a total of 605 applications.

“I am grateful that the City’s effort to work closely with the Port of Chelan produced positive results for seven Leavenworth businesses; these grants are additional resources for our business community which has been negatively impacted by the Pandemic” said Mayor Florea.

The following businesses have been selected through a competitive process to receive up to $5,000 in this round of WWSBEG funding: A Book for All Seasons, Bavarian Village Chocolates, Osprey Rafting Company and Ski Shop, Wild Flour, Gibbs Graphics, Fresh Restaurant, and Hope Mountain Farm.

“The importance of our business community in Leavenworth can’t be emphasized enough; they are the foundation of municipal revenue and along with the City Council, I continue to advocate for additional CARE resources and for increased empowerment of small communities; I emphasized these points in my last conversation with Congresswoman Schrier earlier this week” said Mayor Florea.

The City Council and Mayor Florea will continue to partner closely with the Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce and its members.

For more information: Mayor Carl Florea, (509) 548-5275 x 125.

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