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Notice – Commercial Garbage Changes Effective 12/1/2019 »

The City of Leavenworth will no longer be providing solid waste pick-up services on Thursday’s beginning December 1, 2019. This scheduling change is necessary for vehicle maintenance and repair, in conjunction with several staffing changes. The City will continue to offer solid waste pick-up services six days per week. Thursday was selected based on the low number of service accounts needing ongoing scheduled service that specific day of the week.

If you currently have Thursday scheduled as a regular collection day for your business, please contact the City as soon as possible to get it switched to another day of operation. If changing days is not an option, please consider adding another container.

Herb Amick, Public Works Director
(509) 548-5275 ext. 136

Notice – Housing Action Plan Grant Award »

Notice of Planning Grant

The City of Leavenworth has been awarded a $45,800 grant from the Department of Commerce to complete a Housing Action Plan. The funds were authorized as part of HB 1923 to increase residential building capacity in Washington communities. The Housing Action Plan will build on the existing Comprehensive Plan and Housing Needs Assessment with a focus on encouraging construction of additional affordable and market rate housing in a greater variety of housing types and at prices that are accessible to a greater variety of incomes. Specifically, the plan will include:

  • Quantify existing and projected housing needs for all income levels
  • Develop strategies to increase the supply of housing needed by those income levels
  • Analyze population and employment trends
  • Consider strategies to minimize displacement of low-income residents resulting from redevelopment
  • Review and evaluate the Comprehensive Plan Housing Element
  • Provide for participation and input from a variety of stakeholders
  • Include a schedule of programs and actions for implementation of the action plan

This opportunity comes at a great time for the City. The last housing study was the 2017 Housing Assessment, which was used to implement several code amendments. The new Housing Action Plan will provide more detailed information to guide the City’s future actions to improve housing diversity and affordable housing options.

The Planning Commission will be providing guidance and support for the development of the Housing Action Plan. The public is encouraged to attend the Planning Commission meeting or communicate with Commissioners. Additionally, interested persons may contact Development Services to sign up for notification of Housing Action Plan meetings; email Lilith Vespier dsmanager@cityofleavenworth.com or call City Hall (509) 548-5275 ex 131.

Lilith Vespier, AICP
Development Services Manager

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