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Bavarian (Leavenworth) Substation Update »

Leavenworth and Upper Valley-area customers:

The PUD began working with the community in 2015 to find a location for a new substation in the Leavenworth area to support growth and development in the Upper Valley. The existing double-bank substation serving this area is nearing capacity.

On May 1, 2017, PUD Commissioners voted to buy 3.01 acres next to Chumstick Highway in Leavenworth. The property has been added to what is now a list of three potential sites for the new substation. The purchase preserves an option for a possible location. The PUD has not made a final decision on the location for the new substation. The Chumstick property has favorable characteristics for siting a substation including lower costs for real estate, transmission, access and groundwater remediation. Because the site is closer to existing transmission lines, fewer structures would be needed lessening the impact and visual foot print for the community. Given the PUD’s current estimate, it identified at least $1M and up to potentially $2M in savings over the MEND site. Much of the cost savings comes from needing less transmission to serve a site the Chumstick property.

The MEND property, site 14, continues to be evaluated and the PUD is working through potential site boundaries and acreage with multiple property owners. The City property, site 8a, is still a viable alternative. A feasibility report will be complete on all three sites.

PUD staff met with the Leavenworth community focus group on May 11 to provide an update on the new site and reviewed comparisons of preliminary cost estimates and line routing for the three sites. The focus group endorsed moving ahead with the Chumstick site as the preferred alternative.

PUD staff will continue to further develop the feasibility analysis for all three sites. We anticipate the feasibility report to be completed by the end of June and a recommendation to be made to PUD Commissioners in early July.

PUD staff will be presenting an update on the Leavenworth substation to Commissioners on Monday, May 15 at 1pm in the Commission Board Room at 327 N. Wenatchee Ave. in Wenatchee. Board meeting agendas are available on our website prior to each meeting. Presentations and an audio file are available on our website after each meeting.

The PUD is always open to hearing from the public. You can share public comments on the Leavenworth substation using the public comment form on our webpage or by emailing teka.sellers@chelanpud.org or calling 509-661-4294.

We will continue to update our website and our outreach efforts via email and direct mail will continue as we move into the next phase of this project.

For a complete history of the project and other current information on the Bavarian substation project, please visit chelanpud.org/NewLeavenworthSubstation.

Timeline, Meetings & Documents

News & Comments

Thank you,

Teka Sellers
Customer Outreach Specialist II
Chelan County PUD

Regionalization Study Request for Qualifications »


The City of Cashmere, City of Leavenworth, Chelan County, Chelan County PUD and the Peshastin Water District are requesting Statements of Qualifications (SOQ’s) from qualified consultants to conduct an analysis and study of the five organizations in order to advise the agencies about a potential consolidation and merger of their respective water and wastewater utilities. The purpose of the consolidation and merger analysis would be to identify opportunities to expand, and/or to strengthen the delivery of water and sanitary sewer services to the utility accounts of the agencies listed above. The individual or firm that is most qualified and best meets the needs of the Members Stakeholder Group will be selected. Response to this RFQ is due on May 30, 2017 at 2:00 PM.

The detailed Request for Qualifications may be obtained by accessing it on the City of Leavenworth webpage at: https://cityofleavenworth.com or by contacting City Hall. Work will be completed under a Professional Service Contract with the selected firm and the City of Leavenworth.

Questions regarding these services should be directed to:

Joel Walinski, City Administrator
City of Leavenworth
700 US Highway 2 / PO Box 287
Leavenworth, WA 98826

Phone (509) 548-5275. Fax (509) 548-6429.

Now Hiring: City Pool Employees »

The City of Leavenworth, an equal opportunity employer, is now accepting applications for Certified Lifeguards or those willing to become certified. In addition to applicable certifications, job seekers must possess strong public relations and communication skills, along with the ability to understand and implement all rules related to the facility.

Job applications can be downloaded or picked up at City Hall, 700 US Hwy. 2, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, or by contacting us at 509 548-5275.

Application deadline has been extended to 5:00 PM on  Friday, May 12, 2017

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