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Transportation Plan

Project Overview

The City of Leavenworth just finished updating the Transportation Element (download the documents located in the right hand column) of the City of Leavenworth Comprehensive Plan, which was developed in 2003, in compliance with the state’s Growth Management Act (GMA). The growing population and changing nature of the regional economy was examined in order to realign our transportation needs with current and projected land use patterns.

The plan identifies needed improvements to the City and surrounding area roadways, bridges, bike, pedestrian and rail facilities. As required by the GMA, a prioritized transportation project list, financing strategies and implementation measures are included in the plan.

Who was involved in the project?

The project was led by the City’s Community Development Department, under the direction of Connie Krueger. A Steering Committee consisting of City Councilors, City Planning Commissioners and Chelan County representatives, along with a consultant, ‘Transpo’, undertook the task of hammering out the details of the plan. Public involvement to provide guidance and direction on the plan update was also sought. Meetings were open to the public and two open houses provided members of the public additional opportunity to comment on existing conditions and future needs.

The Transportation Plan was adopted on October 22, 2009 by the City Council

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