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Construction Plan Review

Snow loads, Wind loads and Seismic zone

Ground Snow load:  115 lbs

Roof Snow Load:  85 psf

Wind Design:  Speed (mps):  85; and topographic effects:  B

Seismic Design Category:  Residential:  C; and Commercial:  D

Weathering:  Severe

Frost line depth:  24 inches

Termite:  Moderate to heavy

Winter Design Temp:  5 degrees

Ice Barrier Underlayment Required:  Yes

Flood Hazards:  Yes

Air Freezing Index:  1050

Mean Annual Temp:  51.5


Building & Construction – Current Adopted Codes

2012 International Building Code (IBC)

2012 International Residential Code (IRC)

2012 International Mechanical Code (IMC)

2012 Internatioal Fire Code (IFC)

2012 Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC)

1997 Abatement of Dangerous Buildings

Note:  See Leavenworth Municipal Code (LMC) Chapter 15.04, for amendments.

Inspection information, Prevention and Fire Safety Inspections, Fire and Building information, Fire Services and Fat’s, Oil’s & Grease (FOG) information


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