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Request for Proposals – Leavenworth Utility Rate Study »

Notice is hereby given that the City of Leavenworth, WA is requesting proposals from qualified financial consultants to conduct a comprehensive water, sanitary sewer, stormwater and solid waste rate study. The intent of the study is to independently assess and evaluate the City of Leavenworth’s existing utility rates and provide recommendations. The broad objective of the study is to adequately fund utility operations, capital costs, and bonded debt while minimizing rates to the greatest degree possible. The study will be based on a comprehensive review of the City of Leavenworth’s utility funds and budgets, Comprehensive Plans, customer classes, current usage data, future planned growth, and any other information deemed necessary.

Please review the following documents:

Cover Letter
Request for Proposal – Utility Rate Study

Bavarian (Leavenworth) Substation Community Meeting – Feb. 13th »

Bavarian (Leavenworth) Substation Community Meeting
Monday, February 13, 6-8pm
Leavenworth City Hall, 700 State Hwy 2

Growth and new construction in Chelan County are on the increase – especially in the Upper Valley. In order to maintain electric services and expected reliability, the PUD needs a new substation in the next three to five years.

A group of Leavenworth community members and Chelan PUD staff have identified three possible locations for a new electrical substation. The completed site analysis for each possible proposed location (8a, 9, and 14) will be presented and discussed. This is a time to give your input and ask questions.

If you can’t make it to the Feb. 13 meeting, there are updates and a public comment form on the substation website. Comments are welcome between Feb. 2 and Mar. 2.

Please join us. You can view information about the project at chelanpud.org/NewLeavenworthSubstation.

Questions? Contact teka.sellers@chelanpud.org

Meaghan Connell on behalf of
Teka Sellers
Customer Relations Administrator
Chelan County PUD

February 8th Planning Commission Subcommittee Meeting Canceled »

Due to adverse weather, the following subcommittee meeting has been canceled:

Feb 8 – 5:30–7 pm – City Hall Conference Room Housing & Parks and Recreation

Commissioners Anne Hessburg; Larry Hayes; Joel Martinez

2017 Lodging Tax Group Funding Application »

The 2017 Lodging Tax Grant Group Funding Applications are now available. If you would like to apply for funding for your event, you will need to turn your application in prior to the deadline of March 1, 2017. Please contact Finance Director Chantell Steiner if you have questions regarding the group funding.  Click below for the application.

2017 Lodging Tax Grant Group Funding Application

January 25th Planning Commission Subcommittee Meeting Canceled »

The following Planning Commission Subcommittee meeting has been canceled:

Jan 25, 2017 – 3:30-5 pm

City Hall Conference Room Economic Development & Utilities Commissioners Chuck Reppas; Pete Olson; Scott Bradshaw

Bavarian (Leavenworth) Substation Update »

Leavenworth and Upper Valley-area customers:

Since early 2015, the PUD has been working with the Chelan/Manson and Leavenworth communities to identify viable areas for a new substation. Current and expected growth in both communities make the need for new substations critical.

Interested community members from both locations have been working with us to develop criteria and review potential substation sites. These groups, along with PUD staff, identified three areas to evaluate based on the site selection scoring. Three community meetings have been held in Leavenworth and in Chelan to gather community response to our efforts.

Recently, Site 3 in Leavenworth was removed from further consideration because the site became unavailable. Subsequently, PUD staff was contacted by a property owner within area 14 (Rattlesnake Hills) with an interest in selling a parcel of land for the purpose of a substation. The community group members agree that this new site warrants further evaluation. The PUD’s consultant will continue to perform analysis on site 9, and site 8a and beginning January 2017 analysis will begin on site 14. Analysis for each site will include detailed costs, more detailed transmission and distribution route alternatives, and renderings of what a substation would look like on each of the identified locations. The PUD has made no formal commitment to any property nor a specific site and will continue to seek community input.

In the Chelan-Manson area, site analysis will continue on two properties in area 14 near Boyd Loop Road and Winesap Avenue as well as two locations on the Wasington Federal property behind the Chelan Golf Course.

PUD staff anticipates hosting another community meeting early next month (February 2017) in both locations to gather additional input from the community on the detailed site analysis report. Once this meeting is scheduled, PUD staff will advertise in the following ways: direct mail postcard, email distribution list, webpage, Leavenworth Echo, Leavenworth Echo online events page, and KOHO radio, Chelan Mirror, GoLakeChelan and KOZI radio. The public is invited to these meetings for discussion and questions.

The PUD is always open to hearing from the public. You can share public comments on the siting of the Leavenworth substation using the public comment form on the substation webpage or by emailing teka.sellers@chelanpud.org or calling 509-661-4294.

For more information and notes about the Bavarian substation project, please visit chelanpud.org/NewLeavenworthSubstation.

Meaghan Connell for Teka Sellers

Customer Relations Administrator

Chelan County PUD



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